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Алексей Колесников
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01 January 1970Red Bull Kolesnikov FMX Factory - Summer Freestyle Motocross Camp

Red Bull Kolesnikov FMX Factory - Summer Freestyle Motocross Camp


From August 13 to August 17, Russia's best FMX-rider Alexei Kolesnikov held a summer session of his unique freestyle motocross camp in Kolomna. This year, more than 25 participants from different cities of Russia and Ukraine attended Alexei's summer camp. Young FMX-riders spent the week in a specially prepared park, mastering the ramp and learning new tricks.


Riders from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Izhevsk, Vladivostok, Cherepovets, Pyatigorsk, Kolomna, Nefteyugansk Novy Urengoy, Kungur, Voskresensk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Lugansk visited the Red Bull Kolesnikov FMX Factory session. Alexei invited both veteran riders and newbies who have never jumped a ramp before. The older athletes' hair was already touched with gray, while the youngest participant Vitaly Ognevsky has just turned 13. This candidate was personally approved by Alexei Kolesnikov. Vitaly is an up-and-coming rider from Vladivostok who has won several local competitions.


The Camp program included daily lectures given by true FMX masters: FMX-13 rider Kirill "Kiwi" Gavrilov, who told "students" how bikes are prepared for the race; medical expert Dmitry Mayorov; world-class motocross racer Alexei Naumov, and professional fitness instructor Dmitry Bychkov.

Specifically for Red Bull Kolesnikov FMX Factory, Alexei Kolesnikov rebuilt his training park by moving the ramps so that even novice riders could practice the jumps. All the participants were divided into three groups. While the third group, beginners, was mastering 10-16 meter jumps, the first group already jumped more than 20 meters, spicing up their program with new tricks every day. By the end of training all the guys moved to the big ramps, handling the tricks and showing ridiculous improvement.


But this year's summer FMX camp session was not only about jumps, tricks, and skills drills. One day the Red Bull Kolesnikov FMX Factory hosted a great show for boys and girls from one of the Kolomna orphanages. Riders performed their most spectacular tricks, much to the children's delight. And on the final day of the camp session, five riders joined Alexei Kolesnikov and professional photographer Denise Clairaut for a photo shoot at the cement plant.


In the evening of the fifth day, the jury announced the names the best "students". After declaring up the results, it was clear that Alexei Orekhov from Voskresensk took third place, second place went to Alexander Bodunov from Pyatigorsk, and Pavel Antonov from Moscow was given first prize in the Red Bull Kolesnikov FMX Factory. Alexei Kolesnikov was very pleased with the results of the Camp session, and said he planned to organize the next Summer Camp in 2013. Knowing about his love for the number "13", you can be sure that this 2013 Camp will be something very special.


Greetings, Alexey Kolesnikov.

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